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What is an EHR?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) simplify record-keeping burdens by handling your paperwork in a digital format. A comprehensive, certified EHR will greatly reduce all the hassles of record-keeping – chasing down files, sorting out mix-ups and adjusting to insurance company requirements.

The long-term benefits and cost savings have justified government incentives for implementing EHRs and for prodding healthcare providers to embrace paperless, standardized technology. But in order to reap those rewards, you need to make it past the short-term landmines of purchasing the right software and teaching your staff how to use it.

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Learning to Use an EHR

Your office might not make full use of current technologies to keep track of patients. Many offices already have some technologies in place. But, even if you use sophisticated IT solutions to power your administration department, installing an EHR will require your employees to learn a new system – protocols, data-entry and communications.

We recommend checking your prospective EHR for support functions. The piece of software should come with its own training and roll-out packages to ease your office’s transition – so you can stay administratively poised during the changeover.

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How Do I Meet Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use Requirements?

Dentists can spend hours reading about CMS Meaningful Use, much less documenting your office’s progress. To pay for itself in the short run, effective EHRs come with a number of features designed to make meeting your funding requirements less stressful. Check your prospective software for a Meaningful Use module, which will deliver a report on each of the core menu and quality measures.

One of the core measures for Meaningful Use for a dentist is that medical providers write prescriptions electronically. If you want to fulfill the requirements, then you will need the electronic Rx module, ERX. A certified EHR will make ERX available as an option, but many companies charge extra for ERX and other necessities.

Moving from your old dental software to a web based dental practice management software is one of the keys that could help your office meet the meaningful use standards.  Selecting the right dental software is crucial and can help your practice improve its bottom line. 

Posted on 10/13/2013 at 08:00:00:PM
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